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Free 3D wallpaper tip: Why is my desktop wallpaper stretched or distorted?

My best guess is that you set the 3d wallpaper as stretched and not centered. These images are large enough that you can select centered when setting your desktop wallpaper.

Free 3D wallpaper tip: How to use desktop wallpaper for Smaller Images

If you have a 3d wallpaper(free) that's smaller than the desktop, you can skip all of the cropping and resizing steps above, go right to the Display Properties Dialog box on the desktop, and just select your 3d wallpaper(free) file as the background image. Then use the Position menu to choose whether you want the 3d wallpaper(free) centered in the monitor or stamped in repeating tiles across the display. You can also set the background color of the desktop. When you're done, click OK--you've just made wallpaper.

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